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Enlightened Princesses Antiques & Auction News  (October 13, 2017) En Avant: Pugin’s Grange Has Been Saved and Restored”  Antiques & Auction News (August 18, 2017)  Gothic Fantasy: William Burges and Cardiff Castle Antiques & Auction News (December 16, 2016)  “Van Cortlandt House is Bronx Colonial History” AntiqueWeek,  (June 24, 2013) “Eccentric Hill Poured Concrete Legacy along Columbia River Gorge” AntiqueWeek,  March 3, 2013) “A Sampling of Wright Sites in the Midwest” Chicago Tribune,  (October 28, 2007) “Celebrating Modernism at the Brookyln Museum” Antiques and the Arts Weekly, (November 4, 2005) “Houses Bring New York’s Past to Life” Christain Science Monitor September 8, 2004)
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